How to Build a Five-Year Plan & Live Your Best Life

Written by Aliki Samone

Here is What I Do and Who I Help

Hey There! I'm Aliki Samone and I am the author of The Summit Method - A life planning technique to help you get to where you want to be in life. I have several books on this subject looking to guide the reader through their Summit Event planning and live their best life. I help those who are ready to have a Positive Growth Mindset and make real change towards their future!

My life purpose statement includes several things but one of them is to help others. When you read Conquer Your Summit you too will have your Deepest Why or Life Purpose Statement, in fact its Chapter 1!

I have spent over 10 years developing this method and using it myself to grown through everything life throws. I hope you enjoy the process and join the community!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don't know where to start?

Wish you had a guide along the way to tell you exactly what to write down?

Check out the Summit Planning Worksheet

More Resources to Help You Make Your Plans


Learn how to create a 5-Year Plan, 2-Year Action Plan & Quarterly Goals

Artist Notebooks

Leverage inspiring notebooks designed by Aliki to give you the space to create.


Listen to the steps for how to plan your life on your favorite audiobook platform.

What they are saying about me or my book...

Tired of feeling stuck and longing for purpose? The Summit Method provides the ultimate roadmap to break free from mediocrity and achieve your goals with confidence.

Lyna L.

"Through this insightful guidebook and interactive worksheets, I've embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The book provided wisdom, the worksheets offered practical tools, and the coaching felt personalized, all guiding me towards a more empowered and organized life. Grateful to Aliki for the profound impact this holistic approach has had on my journey to self -improvement."

Micah F.

"I genuinely enjoyed the concrete steps and system outlined by Aliki - they were equally motivating and practical. This book is an essential tool for anyone aiming to achieve their goals with conviction and clarity. "

Ash A.

"Conquer Your Summit is an empowering and practical guide that offers a clear roadmap for achieving maximum success. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your future, this program provides the guidance and tools needed to embark on a life-planning journey."

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